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      Iam____ (自我介紹) I feelbad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaintabout_______.

      Thereason for my dissatisfaction is ______________(總體介紹). In the first place,_________(抱怨的第一個方面). In addition, _________(抱怨的第二個方面). Under these circumstances, Ifind it ___(感覺) to________(抱怨的方面給你帶來的后果).

      IapPciate it very much if you could_____________(提出建議和請求), Pferably __________(進一步的要求), and I would like to have thismatter settled by ______(設定解決事情最后期限).

      Thankyou for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply.

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming




      Iam _________(自我介紹). I amwriting to see if it is possible for you to provide me with informationregarding_______.(要詢問的內容)

      Firstof all, what are __________?(第一個問題)Secondly, when will____________?(第二個問題)Thirdly, is _________________?(第三個問題)

      Iwould also like to inquire ___________(將最重要的問題單獨成段).Could you be so kind as to send me some relevant booklets on the above-mentionedaspects?

      Thankyou for you kindness, and your prompt attention to this letter will be highlyapPciated.

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming




      Iam writing to formally request to___________(請求的內容)

      Thereason for ______________is that____________(給出原因).I________,so I ___________(給出細節)

      Iwould also like to request _________________(提出進一步的要求). I am sorry for anyinconvenience I have caused.

      Thankyou for your attention to these requests. If you have any questions, do nothesitate to contact me at____________(電話號碼).I look forward to a favorable reply.

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming




      I'm glad tolearn that you are busy Pparing for __________(目的地). Wherethere is a strong will, there is a success. I am sure that you will overcome all kinds ofdifficulties in your study

      I'm planningto go to __________(目的地) and look around in the city fora few days. I'll take the train and arrive at__________,(時間). Will you please come and meet me at the station? I'm going to stay in __________(目的地)__________,(時間). Please help me book a hotel room. I hope to stay in a hotel aroundthe downtown area but the price shouldn't be very high. I don't mind ifthe room is small. Another thing. Can you book a ticket for me back to __________(目的地)__________,(時間)?

      All the best,





      Youhave asked me for my advice with regard to _______(問題), and I will try to make someconductive suggestions here.

      Inmy humble opinion, you would be wise to take the followingactions:_________________(建議的內容)

      Ihope you will find these proposals useful, and I would be ready to discuss thismatter with you to further details.

      GoodLuck with your_______(祝愿)

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming



      DearSir or Madam,

      Iwrite this letter to apply for the position that you have advertisedin____________(報紙名稱)of________(廣告發布時間).

      Notonly do I have the qualifications for this job, but I also have the rightpersonality for a __________(工作名稱).In the one hand,_______________________________(第一個原因). On the other hand,__________________________________(另一個原因).

      Shouldyou grant me a personal interview, I would be most grateful. If you need toknow more about me, please feel free to contact me at any time at_______________(電話號碼)

      Thankyou for considering my application, and I am looking forward to meeting you.

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming




      Therewill a ________________(內容)at/in________________(地點)on___________(時間). Wewould be honored to have you there with us.

      Theoccasion will start at ___________(具體時間).This will be followed by a _______(進一步的安排).At around______(時間),____________________________(另一個安排)

      Ireally hope you can make it. RSVP before ____________(通知你的最后期限)

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming



      Dear ________,
      Having seen your advertisement for a ________,(職位)to help with development ofcomputer in China Daily, I beg to offer myself for the position.
      I graduated from the ________(學校)with an________(學位) degree and I have been workingin________,(目前工作地點). I’m good at physics andboth my spoken English and written English are very good. Besides, I’m in goodhealth because I like sports very much. I work in my company from 8:00 am to12:00 am. From Monday to Friday.And I’m quite pleased with the salary yourcompany offers.

      Yours sincerely
      Li Ping

      友情链接:云顶集团官网 三肖选一肖期期准