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      Task 1

      What should parents do to help their children to succeed in school?

      Task 2

      Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: all students should attend social activities such as join a club or a sports team in school.


      The university proposes a car rental program on campus, which can offer students a discounted price. The woman likes the policy very much. First, the campus is far from the downtown area. Although there is bus route, it usually takes more than 2 hours. And if the students want to go to many stores, it's very inconvenient. So discounted renting price will be very useful. Second, she had done math before, it is not reasonable for students like her to own a car. Because besides the car's price, she will need to pay for fuels and campus permits.

      Task 4

      Buffering refer to the strategy some weaker animals would use to approach food resource in front of the stronger members of the group. They would use infants to buffer. The lecturer shares an example of monkeys in Japan. The stronger males usually have the best food and will be angry if the weaker males get close. So the weaker males borrow the baby monkeys from their mother. Interestingly, the stronger males are not angry when the babies and the weaker monkeys get close and even share food with them.

      Task 5

      Ann has promised her sister to babysit her kids tonight, however, she suddenly remember that she got a history paper due for tomorrow's class. There are two possible solutions: first, she has talked with her sister about the problem and her sister said she can cancel the babysitting schedule, they can go to the concert another day. However, the tickets cannot be switched or refunded. Second, she can bring books and computer to her sister's house and do the paper there, but the environment will definitely be distracting.

      Task 6

      The design of tall buildings has changed over time according to the different materials that people can approach in different periods. In the past, to design tall buildings, people need to build thick walls to support the enormous weight upside. The speaker talks about the stone tower for example. Because of the thick stone wall at the base, the tower doesn't have enough space inside. Nowadays, people can use steel to build thin walls, which can also support heavy weight. The example mentioned is the office building with thin steel walls.



      Task 1: what can the parents do to help their children succeed in school?


      Sample Response:

      Personally, I think parents should firstly teach their children to be well-mannered. I mean, a child should learn to be polite to others and respect for others in the first place. There is a saying that, politeness costs nothing and gains everything. An agreeable person is always able to leave a good imPssion on others and get more favorable chances. Additionally, steering their children into their real interests is also very crucial in today’s society. One is more likely to succeed in the area that he is interested in. So it is the parents’ responsibility to provide more opportunities for their children to explore their interests, like encouraging them to attend more extracurricular activities or take part in the summer camp during their vacations.

      Task 2: Is it important for students to attend social activities, such as joining clubs?


      Sample Response:

      From my point of view, attending social activities is definitely a very important part for students. First of all, students should develop their skills from all aspects apart from the academic knowledge. Nowadays, every school provides students with a variety of clubs to choose from. By joining the clubs, students are able to develop their abilities, like interpersonal skills, communicative skills and team work spirit, which cannot be obtained from traditional classroom. Also, students need to attend different activities to explore their interests. You know, it is always good to have something you like. One is more likely to succeed in the area that he is interested in.



      學校有個cars rental program,一是可以讓學生方便去town,二是可以讓買不起車的學生出行方便。對話中女生同意, 兩個原因:

      1. The campus is far away from town, and the bus only runs in every two hours. If the students want to go to more places, they have to take a long time. So renting a car is more convenient for them.

      2. Purchasing a car for herself will cost a lot of money, including the gas fee, repairs, parking fee and so on. So renting a car is better.



      講buffering。Weaker one takes infant to interact with stronger one to avoid provoking aggression。例子是monkeys in Japan,強者總是優先吃好的食物,弱者總是吃剩下的因為如果他去搶,強者會生氣,為了避免這點,弱者會帶著小baby去和強者一起吃食物,強者通常不會生氣反而會食物共享。



      女孩今晚要去姐姐家照顧孩子,姐姐和姐夫要去看concert,但她想起來今晚要寫history paper。兩種辦法:

      1. cancel去姐姐家,姐姐理解,但女孩覺得她們買的是新的票,不去看演唱會好像不太好。

      2. 自己帶著book和computer去姐姐家,但無法集中精力寫。



      講座主題是architecture changes over time. 以前的建筑為了承重用很厚的墻,然而內部空間就壓縮了,舉例是tall tower,F在的建筑用鋼筋來代替石頭,就輕很多而且也承重,不用那么厚的墻,例子是tall office building。

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