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      121. Our order of high-speed computers is scheduled to arrive __________ today or tomorrow.

      (A) or (B) on (C) both (D) either

      122. _________ Jane and Mary like different things, they are great friends.

      (A) Since (B) Despite (C) For (D) Although

      123. This rural town has __________ small population that the mail carrier knows where everyone lives.

      (A) too (B) a so (C) very (D) such a

      124._______ the Psident is going to say in his speech tonight will affect all of us.

      (A) What (B) That (C) So (D) While

      125. It matters little who finds the truth ------ the truth is found.

      (A) because (B) so that (C) so long as (D) as

      126. The order must be delivered by Tuesday; ----- we will have to look for another supplier.

      (A) unless(B) excepting (C) maybe (D) otherwise

      127. Unemployment is -------- low that companies may soon be unable to find workers without increasing wages.

      (A) such (B) very (C) so (D) despite

      128. The design EXPO had ----- high attendance last year that it will be moved to a larger location this year.

      (A) so (B) such (C) much (D) too

      129. ------- the rain is expected, everything is ready for the grand opening of the gallery

      (A) Except that (B) According to (C) Since (D) Aside from

      130. The store will be set for business by the end of the month-------- the contractors are able to complete the remodeling by this weekend.

      (A) these (B) if (C) them (D) so

      131. Neither the sales------ the profit is expected to increase in the next quarter.

      (A) any (B) or (C) nor (D) but

      132. The _______ carefully you write, the fewer mistakes you will make.

      (A) much (B) most (C) more (D) many

      133. There are far more game shows on TV __________ there used to be.

      (A) than (B) as (C) that (D) or

      134. You will need _______ more money to buy such a gorgeous dress.

      (A) much (B) a lot of (C) very (D) a great many

      135 The clay must be packed into the mold as ------- as possible to Pvent air pockets from forming.

      (A) tighter (B) tighten (C) tightly (D) tightness

      136 In the survey of 2.000 youths aged twelve to seventeenth, twice as many said they could talk more easily to their mothers than to their fathers.

      (A) easiest (B) more easily(C) easily (D)most easily

      137. $200.00 will be Psented to the graduate who has attained the------grade point average in the entire department

      (A) high (B) higher (C) highest (D) highly

      138. Mr. Stone has the------ attendance record at the retraining programs held at the headquarters

      (A) poor (B) poorer (C) poorest (D) poorly

      139. The director think that the qualification of the new designer are as------ as the others on the team.

      (A) credibility (B) credible (C) credibly (D) more crediable


      140. Ben's Delivery is the _____ messenger service in town

      (A)faster (B)fastest (C) most fastest (D)more fast

      141. The position used to be obtained _____ in the past than it is now

      (A)harder (B)hard (C)the harder (D)the hardest

      142. That was one of the _____ business conferences the rePsentative had ever attended.

      (A)bad (B)worst (C)worse (D)more bad

      143. The new employee will be likely to be _____ his Pdecessor.

      (A)popular (B)as popular as (C)as popular (D)popular than

      144. When my visitor --------, will you please call me?

      (A) will arrive (B) arrives (C) arrived (D) is arriving

      145. Denny-------- his first job with us five years ago.

      (A) will arrive (B) arrives (C) arrived (D) is arriving

      146. I ------ all members by tomorrow night.

      (A) contacted (B) contacts (C) has contacted (D) will have contacted

      147. Investors --------- fascinated by the stock market for a long time.

      (A) is being (B) has been (C) are being (D) have been

      148. Mr. Franklin ------- as the most likely successor to the position of CEO since he was elected vice Psident last October.

      (A) saw (B) was seen (C) has been seen (D) has seen

      149. The union leader were informed that the workers on the strike------.

      (A) fired (B) is fired (C) had fired (D) had been fired

      150. If you get your bank to generate a money order, it usually ______ conversion fees.

      (A) charge (B) charges (C) charging (D) is charging

      151. Since this morning, city workers traffic signs in the roads using special paint to avoid repainting every year.

      (A) were painting (B) had painted (C) have been painted (D) have painted

      152. International stock markets, including those in Britain, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan

      yesterday in response to the partial recovery of US markets.

      (A) rise (B) rises (C) rose (D) risen

      153. He us since Henry went to America.

      (A) visits (B) visited (C) will visit (D) has visited

      154. Last quarter the rate of inflation ___________ by 10 percent.

      (A) rose (B) raised (C) has risen (D) was risen

      155. We ________ to establish a friendly relationship with that country for two years.

      (A) try (B) are trying (C) have tried (D) will tried

      156. Inspection will be _____ Saturday at 7 A.M.

      (A) at(B) to(C) for(D) on

      157. We regret that the savings will be consumed ________ noon tomorrow.

      (A) with(B) by(C) in)(D) from

      158. _______ terms of quality and service, our company surpasses the competition.

      (A) In(B) From(C) By(D) With

      159. The sales meeting will be held _______ Busan in May.

      (A) to(B) at(C) in(D) on

      160. The supplies cannot be ordered ________ next Monday.

      (A) within(B) until(C) at(D) to

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