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      I. 1. B, have 2. B, watching 3. C, in 4. A, She’s
      II. 1-5BABCC 6-10ABBAC
      III. Kerry’s, years, England, teaches, number
      IV. 1-5 CBABC
      I. 1-5ABADD
      II. 略
      III. 1. (1)from (2)about (3)at (4)to (5)at (6)in (7)by (8)with (9)with/about/to/of (10)from
      2. (1)playing (2)obey (3)ask (4)open (5)goes (6)have (7)do (8)paint (9)drawing (10)flying
      IV. does…do…plays; does…works…office; playing the piano
      I. 略
      II. 略
      III. I get up at six-thirty. My father gets up at six. My mother and my sister get up at seven.
      IV. 1-6ABCAAC
      V. 1-5 TTFTF
      I. 略
      II. Women’s Day-- March 8th
      Children’s Day-- June 1st
      Tree Planting Day-- March 12th
      Teachers’ Day-- September 10th
      Labour Day --May 1st
      New Year’s Day-- January 1st
      Father’s Day-- the third Sunday in June
      National Day--October 1st
      Thanksgiving Day-- the fourth Thursday of November
      Mother’s Day-- the second Sunday in May
      Christmas Day-- December 25th
      III. 1. from…to 2. in 3. playing 4. collecting 5. like 6. waters 7. has 8. is 9. at 10. What
      IV. 2-3-4-1-5
      V. 1-5 T F FTT
      VI. 略
      I. 1-5CBACB 6-8CBA
      II. 略
      III. planting flowers—種花 drawing—畫畫 collecting stamps—集郵
      playing volleyball—打排球 singing—唱歌 playing basketball—打籃球
      IV. comes, goes, says, friendly, all, 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F
      V. 1-5 ABCBC

      I. 1. your, My, that 2. that, He 3. She, your, she 4. that, He, his, He
      II. 1-6DBACFE
      III. 1. What is your hobby?
      2. Is Li Yan good at drawing?
      3. My father doesn’t work in a factory.
      4. Your mother is interested in(likes) cooking.
      5. What is your father’s hobby?
      IV. speak, speaking, This, doing, watching
      V. 略
      I. 1. H 2. G 3. D 4. F 5. C 6. B 7.A 8. E
      II. 1. should 2. carefully 3. take good care of 4. gets up 5. hobby
      6. interested in 7. like 8. go out 9. reading 10. growing vegetables
      III. 1-5AACCB 6-10CBBBC
      IV. 略
      I. 1. May 2. play with 3. green 4. sleep 5. longer, longer 6. playing 7. flying 8. sometimes
      II. 1-5BBCAB 6-9ACCC
      III. 1-5EDABC
      IV. playing tennis; swimming; playing table tennis; fishing
      V. 1-5 TFFFF
      I. 略
      II. triangle, square, rectangle, round/circle
      III. 1-5BCBCC 6-10AABCA 11-14ABCA
      IV. 1-5BBBCB 6-10BBCAB
      V. Name
      I. 略
      II. 1. see, sea 2. their, there 3. right
      , write 4. no, know 5. sun, son 6. hear, here 7. I, eye
      8. for, four
      III. B-A-D-F-E-C
      IV. 略
      V. 略
      I. 1-5 ehabc 6-10 gifjd
      II. 1. He is playing tennis. Yes, I do. 2. They are playing hockey. No, I don’t.
      III. 略
      IV. twelve, January, second, of, Spring Festival, third, on, fourth, on, May, it, it, June, June, sixth, seventh, September 10th, on, October, eleventh, December, twelfth, Christmas

      I.1-5 ACACD
      II.1-5 BAACD/B 6-10 CCACA 11-15 DCBBC
      The second day
      I.1-5 DCAAD
      II.1.children hospital
      2.goes to by plane some shopping
      4.enjoy themselves
      5.other things the birthday song
      7.late for
      III.1. sell, buy
      2. is sitting, is running
      3. to close
      4. sells
      5. Does, have

      6. read

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